500 WORDS: Sue Coe

“Sue Coe paints horror beautifully, ugliness elegantly, and monstrosity with precise sanity,” wrote Glenn O’Brien—RIP—in 1984 for the debut review of Sue Coe’s work in Artforum. The claim rings true today. Her anti-career career as someone “double-parked on the highway of life,” as she puts it, has...

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FILM: Swiss Watch

August 20, 2018 • Leo Goldsmith at the 71st Locarno Film Festival THE YEAR’S EDITION OF THE LOCARNO FESTIVAL—held every August alongside Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland—was preceded by buzz o...

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Tof Vanmarque’s Recent Acrylic Paintings

Tof Vanmarque continues to evolve the shifting perspectives and details of his elaborate acrylic paintings. One of the hallmarks of Vanmarque’s style is blending lush hues with makeshift bodies and...

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PASSAGES: Aretha Franklin (1942–2018)

WHERE I LIVE NOW, Respekt! is what we say to express surprise, admiration, and, well, respect, for a person’s achievement. In my country of origin, in the 1970s, “Respect” was my infallible litmus test for culling those with whom friendship was possible from those who didn’t know who Aretha Frankli...

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John Byrd Recontextualizes Decorative Animal Sculptures

John Byrd works with taxidermy, hand-built ceramics, cast plastic, and other materials to create works that recall decorative souvenirs and knick-knacks. The artist says that “within a domestic space, I’m intrigued by the ability of an encapsulated aesthetic to establish, defy, and challenge chara...

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